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Community Carbon Roadmap
Building from insights gained through the Community Carbon Footprint, a Roadmap to Reduction was developed to provide a pathway for reducing Park City’s Community Carbon Footprint. It builds from the momentum of programs and activities already in place within the community and acknowledges Park City’s unique qualities while integrating best practices by other cities in their development of similar climate action plans. The Roadmap highlights and positions the baseline Community Carbon Footprint as the cornerstone in an ongoing community process of planning, action, monitoring, and revising actions.
In developing the Community Carbon Footprint and Roadmap for Carbon Reduction, Park City convened a Carbon Advisory Board consisting of knowledgeable and interested stakeholders to help validate the inventory process, identify data sources, document existing community practices that relate to GHG emissions, and develop next steps toward climate protection. To engage the Board in dialogue and developing recommendations, three meetings were held in 2008-2009. To further solicit input from board members, three web-based surveys were administered to members focusing on developing a shared vision and core values, goals and objectives, and strategies.
The Roadmap builds off of the many Park City initiatives that are already planned and/or underway and are beneficial elements for reducing GHG emissions, from existing walking and cycling promotion programs and transit programs to progress on meeting the City’s internal GHG reduction goals. The Roadmap’s vision is the following:
“The Park City community is committed to applying significant effort to combat the causes of climate change and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing our carbon footprint is our responsibility as citizens of the nation and the world. Working together, using our community spirit, innovation, and environmental passion, we will ensure for future generations the environmental protection, economic prosperity, and quality of life that makes Park City unique.”
Supporting this vision is the Roadmap’s recommended goal to reduce Park City’s GHG emissions 15 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. A total of 16 objectives were developed in the categories of community leadership, transportation and land use, energy use, energy supply, waste reduction and diversion, and carbon offsets.

Park City GHG Emissions and Illustrative Roadmap Objectives
Finally, to achieve these objectives, 21 strategies were identified, along with their estimated impacts on GHG reductions and their feasibility. These strategies lay the groundwork for a concerted program to reduce Park City’s GHG emissions. A next step toward implementation will be to calculate the GHG reduction benefits with individual measures so that an aggregated, quantifiable GHG reduction target with interim milestones can be established. Additional resources necessary to carry out these strategies will also be pursued.

Read the full Park City Community Carbon Footprint and Road Map for Reduction...

*Note that we recently recalculated the 2007 community carbon footprint after receiving updated, more accurate electricity & natural gas data.  The updated community carbon footprint for 2007 is 790,645 tons CO2-equivalent and this total is reflected on the charts and other info on this page.  However, the full report has not been updated with this figure and still includes the 1,003,712 tCO2e estimate.  Other than the electricity data and natural gas amendments, all other components of the carbon footprint remain the same as in the original report.

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