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Municipal Carbon FootprintIn August 2008, The Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) completed a carbon inventory assessment for their government operations.  The City chose to collect data and report carbon emissions for all government operations during the calendar year 2007. ‘07 was chosen for two reasons: 1) emissions reflect up-to-date operations of the local government, and 2) the accessibility of reliable data proved excellent.

A 1990 carbon footprint was also calculated for government operations. While data was less accessible and certain emission calculations are estimated, the 1990 inventory provide insights into carbon emissions growth trajectories.

Since originally calculating the 1990 & 2007 carbon inventory baseline for municipal operations and creating a Carbon Reduction Action Plan, an updated footprint and Business-as-Usual forecast has been created.  This most recent data was presented to City Council in December 2012 and led to Park City Municipal adopting a carbon mitigation goal to be 12% below BAU forecasted emissions by 2012.  This goal applies to all City operations including government buildings, transit, water treatment & distribution, and more.  Details on the updated footprint and 2012 goal are included in the "12% Municipal Carbon Mitigation Goal" doc below.

Download the Park City Municipal Corporation 1990 & 2007 Carbon Inventory Baseline Assessment.

Check out the Municipal Carbon Reduction Action Plan

12% Municipal Carbon Mitigation Goal
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