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My Sustainable Year

My Sustainable Year
My Sustainable Year is your opportunity to "practice" sustainable behaviors - to try them out one week at a time, 52 green ideas in a year -- see how they fit and hopefully commit to long-term, positive changes.  We encourage you to do what's feasible for you to remain active in the challenge.  Commit to these challenges using the What If Calculator on, you can also track completed Goals on the site!  

You can either begin with the current week or check out the My Sustainable Year Archive for past challenge info to get caught up.  Find out more about how can save you money and reduce your footprint.

So, what's upcoming for My Sustainable Year?

December is "Encore Month" for My Sustainable Year.  Visitors to voted and we're repeating YOUR favorite weekly challenges from 2010. 

Week beginning Sunday, December 5: Bus Week Adventure Week (Take the Bus Once Each Day)*

Park City & Summit County run an amazing bus system and it is totally FREE.  Riding the bus once a day this week will be a fun way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce traffic.  An added benefit will be that the next time you want to ride the bus, you'll find it easier and you'll know how the transit system works.

> Option B: Take the bus once a day for two days.

> Option C: Take the bus once during this week.

*Bus Adventure Week was originally a challenge on January 10, 2010

Week beginning Sunday, December 12: Try Eating Vegan or Vegetarian for the Whole Week*

Cow farts create a lot of greenhouse gases (GHG).  Not trying to be gross, just stating the facts.  In total, livestock are responsible for about 18% of human-related GHG emissions worldwide.  Fortunately, this challenge also presents BIG opportunities for positive change!  With every meal you eat, you have the ability to mitigate climate change and other negative environmental impacts.  Consider that ½ lb of potatoes produces 58 times fewer GHG emissions than the same amount of beef.

Learn more about your "foodprint" by checking out the Food section of Ways to Save.  Also, check out the calculator for meal-by-meal advice on how to seriously drop some foodprint pounds! 

> Option B: Eat vegetarian or vegan for two days this week.
> Option C: Eat vegetarian or vegan for one day this week.

*Vegetarian Week was originally a challenge on January 17, 2010

Week beginning Sunday, December 19: Telecommute for Work*

Telecommuting is an arrangement where employees work from home and avoid their typical commute to work.  Modern day technology provides many individuals the opportunity to work remotely and still be productive in their jobs without the usual driving, vehicle congestion, and pollution.  Check with your manager and try telecommuting twice this week!

> Option B: Telecommute for work one day this week.
> Option C: If telecommuting is not an option, use carpooling, a bus, biking, or walking to get to work.

*Telecommute for Work was originally a challenge on February 14, 2010

Week beginning Sunday, December 26: Build YOUR My Sustainable Week

We're leaving the last week of the year up to you!  This week, challenge yourself to re-visit one of the past weeks and improve on your previous performance.  Better yet, use this week to mix two or three challenges and finish 2010 with your most sustainable week yet!  Check out the My Sustainable Year Archive to help build YOUR My Sustainable Week.

And what does the rest of the year look like?

December 2010 is scheduled to be the last month for My Sustainable Year.  Thank you for participating and changing some of your behaviors to protect the environment!  CLICK HERE to tell us how often you participated in My Sustainable Year.  Also, check out the My Sustainable Year Archive for a look back at past challenges.

How can I find out more?
>Listen every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to KPCW 91.9 FM to hear the week's challenge or check out the monthly My Sustainable Year column in the Park Record.
>Follow My Sustainable Year with weekly updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Facebook  twitter

> Forum:  You can check out the Forum to discuss each week's activity and contribute ideas of your own!  Just look on the main navigation bar for Community and then select Forums on the secondary navigation bar at the top of the page.

>Commit to these challenges using the What If CalculatorFind Calculators on the main navigation bar and then select 'What If Calculator' from the secondary navigation bar at the top of the page.  When you are in the What If calculator, select Qualitative Goals from the left-hand side of the page.  At the top of the list you will see the My Sustainable Year Goals.  Commit to the goals and you can track your success!

My Sustainable Year

My Sustainable Year is your chance to join others in the Park City, Summit County, and Wasatch County areas in trying out 52 environmentally sustainable behaviors - a different challenge for each week of 2010!

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