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Save Our Snow
Save Our Snow II

In response to the project, local environmental organizations, community leaders and business professionals agreed to organize a second Save Our Snow event (the first was in 2007).  The goal of the event was to empower citizens to reduce their water use and carbon output by launching and promoting the website.  Additionally, a 'Green Month' of community activities was launched at SOS II.  During the event, Park City Mountain Resort shared a scientific study of the impacts that climate change is projected to have on our snowpack and economy.  Learn more about the Save Our Snow initiative on Park City Foundation's website.

"Where's the Snow?" Event

On August 29, 2009, over 250 people of all ages gathered to create a visual depiction of the impact climate change is projected to have on Park City's snowpack.  Representatives from local sports teams, youth groups, schools and businesses all lined up at the top of Payday lift (roughly 8,200 feet) to encourage awareness of the human footprint on our warming planet.  Payday lift was chosen since its altitude is roughly equivalent to the projected snowpack line for the early December and Spring Break timeframes in 2050.
Photo Credit: Dan Campbell
Trisha Worthington, Executive Director of the Park City Foundation (PCF), commented regarding the event that "climate change is a global problem, but we must act locally.  We wanted to raise awareness about climate change and empower people to make changes in their lifestyle". 

"Where's the Snow?" was recorded by aerial video and numerous photographs were taken.  Additionally, a short film of the event premiered at the SOS II event in September 2009.  
Photo Credit: Mark Maziarz, Dan Campbell, Mark Maziarz
Participants from "Where's the Snow?" may view a selection of the photos at this website.  Photos of "Where's the Snow?" were generously donated by local photographers Mark Maziarz and Dan Campbell.  Use of the photos is limited to non-commercial use and any use must include appropriate credit for the photographer.  Unauthorized commercial use of any "Where's the Snow?" photos will result in a retroactive license fee of $300 minimum per image.  Please contact the photographers directly regarding appropriate image use.  Contact info is included with each individual image on the site.
Photo Credit: Dan Campbell
NOTE: See above info regarding use of photos, commercial or otherwise.
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