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First off, review 10 Things To Do At Work for general recommendations on how to make your business more sustainable. Then review ways to improve both your energy efficiency and water efficiency. If you don't already have a business recycling program in place, start now. Finally, here are some other specific environmentally friendly options for contractors and builders looking to make their business more eco-friendly.

Education is key, so look into training programs, certifications and ways to increase your knowledge of green building. Build Green Utah is a local organization that regularly holds training programs and seminars are more environmentally friendly and energy efficienty green building. The US Green Building Council also certifies individuals on green building with their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Finally focus on building materials that increase energy efficiency, conserve water and are more environmentally friendly. Look for materials that are recycled, reused, non-toxic, renewable, and salvaged. The Whole Building Design Guide, the National Association of Home Buildiers Green Approved Products and Build It Green are great resources for green building.
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