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You've tackled your home, changed out cleaning supplies, lowered your transportation footprint, started composting and more. What else can you do to reduce your environmental impact? The next step is to take a look at your day-to-day and lifestyle choices. Making your lifestyle greener is mostly a matter of education and gradually learning knew things in order to make your life more eco-friendly. Here are some suggestions for how to further your green lifestyle.

1. Read - Stay up to date on environmental news, changing laws and new advances in technology and health. Reading will help you learn about new opportunities and ways to reduce your environmental impact even further. Some recommended websites and blogs on the environment, sustainability and green design include: Grist, Treehugger, Mother Nature Network, Environmental News Network, Inhabitat, Scientific American, and PhysOrg.

2. Vote - Voting is a right and the most important thing you can do as a US citizen. Voting lets your voice be heard by electing officials who will work to protect the ideals you believe in. Make sure you not only vote in national elections but also local elections, which affects your life, schools, and business directly.

3. Support Your Local Economy - Whenever possible buy local to help boost our Park City economy. Use local vendors and suppliers, contract local consultants and companies, buy products made right here in Park City and give back in any way you can. Keeping dollars here in our area helps boost our economy and support a sustainable city.

4. Buy Green - Voting with your dollar is just as important as voting in elections. The products you choose make an impact on the products produced; so when shopping, make your purchasing decision based not only on price, but quality, materials, where it was made, how the business operates and any other element that would affect the environmental impact of that product. Buy green products that will last a long time and also consider buying gently used items to avoid buying brand new.

5. Consider Your Diet - The food you eat is an important element in your environmental impact. Some foods take much more energy and resources to produce than others. Take the time to learn about the carbon footprint of different types of food and try to incorporate that into your diet. Also, focus on finding fresh, local and organic foods, which are not only healthier but are better for the environment.

6. Visit a Farmer's Market - Get your produce from a local ranch or farm and help support the local economy when you shop at a farmer's market. During the warmer months there are a number of farmer's markets in the Park City area for you to attend. They usually have live music, children's activities, food vendors and handmade goods too.

Throw a Green Wedding - Getting married soon? Make your wedding a sign of your commitment to each other as well as your commitment to the environment. Learn about all the eco elements you should include in your green nuptials and be a great example to all of your guests.

8. Plan An Eco-Event - Looking to host an event, conference, or festival in Park City. Check out our tips and suggestions on planning an eco-event. Learn about green venue options and some local resources to help make it your greenest event yet.

9. Take a Vacation - Everyone needs a break and chance to get away. Learn about green travel and vacation options and tips for how to make your holiday even greener.

10. Ski Green - The mountains are a huge part of our life here in Park City and skiing and snowboarding are essential activities here in the winter. Our economy partially depends on our snow pack and tourists. Learn about what our local ski resorts are doing for the environment and how to make your ski day a more eco-friendly activity.
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