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Here are some new smart phone apps to assist with green decision making.  Do you know of an app which should be added to the list?  Email us at and we'll update this page! 

1.     GREEN GENIE ($0.99)

Green Lifestyle, Sustainability Projects, Eco Tips

This App is an overall guide to sustainable living.  It offers over 100 everyday green projects such as bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or using double-sided printing. Additionally, Green Genie recommends the best books and websites to learn more about “going green.” Green Genie is complete with useful guides to recycling, identifying plastics, and many more useful tips. AND the coolest part is that you or other Green Genie users can submit original project ideas to keep the database expanding with inventive, out-of-the-box ways to be sustainable!


Green Shopping

GoodGuide allows you to scan the barcode of any product and check its environmental impact before making a purchase.  It also suggests and highlights environmentally friendly products, so it’s easy to pick them out of a crowd.


Sustainable Businesses and Restaurants

Find Green allows you to easily locate sustainable businesses whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, office building, or more. Additionally, you can report sustainable businesses you know of to the database .


Energy Efficient Lighting, Facts and Figures on Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Finder makes it easy to identify light bulbs that reduce energy consumption, so you can replace the current bulbs in your home or office.  The app provides pictures, environmental impact info, data, and costs about different types of bulbs.  You can also purchase new bulbs directly from the app!


Carbon Footprint Calculator, Goal-setter

Carbon Tracker allows you to calculate your transportation carbon footprint based on travel time and method, whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile.  You can also set monthly goals and track successes.

6.     GET GREEN ($0.99)

Seasonal Sustainability Tips

Get Green provides clear suggestions for improving sustainability with relevance to the current season.  Many steps towards reducing energy consumption or carbon emissions are seasonally dependent, and Get Green makes it easy to follow these steps.

7.     GREEN CHARGING ($0.99)

Device Charging, Eliminate Excess Plug-in Time

Green Charging is aimed at reducing the amount of energy wasted when we leave our phones, laptops, or other devices plugged in for too long.  Green Charging sounds an alarm or vibrates when your device is fully charged so you do not use excess energy.


Sustainable Eating, Local Food, Seasonal Food, Green Restaurants

Locavore is an easy guide to finding food that is fresh, local, and in season for your location.  It also identifies restaurants and other establishments for such food.


Recycling Made Easy, Tips, Locations

IRecycle is an app that makes the often confusing and convoluted act of recycling simple.  It identifies local recycling centers or recycling companies, and outlines what can (and cannot) be recycled.

10. GREENSPOT ($1.99)

Green News, Environmental Updates

Rather than sifting through newspapers or surfing the internet for green information, Greenspot makes it easy to stay updated.  Greenspot delivers daily news, blogs, videos, and podcasts on sustainable living from all the major news providers.


Climate Science, Temperature Data

Just Science highlights the easy-to-understand video map of climate change recently released by the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study.  The app features a color-coded map of the world that displays how the Earth’s land temperature has changed between 1800 and 2009. Monthly data from local recording stations produce a red, green, and blue global visualization of the temperature’s deviation from historical average.  More details available here.

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