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Yard trimmings and organic food waste make up 24% of the municipal solid waste stream in the US, which means you could cut down your trash sent to the landfill by almost a quarter if you composted. Composting is a rewarding and incredibly environmentally friendly activity. You'll be cutting down on your trash and creating your own organic and natural fertilizer for use in your garden, yard and plants. Compost helps enrich your soil, reduce pollution and clean up contaminated soil.

Composters can be bought in your local hardware store or nusery and there are various types and sizes depending on your home situation. Recycle Utah also sells three very popular models of composters and provides free Composting Workshops for those interested in learning more. Recycle Utah is a great resource for those wanting to learn how to compost in their backyard or learn how to compost with worms, also called Vermicomposting.
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