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Freecycle is a term used to talk about reusing items by giving them away for free. Freecycling gets items like furniture, clothes, equipment and much more into the hands of people who will actually use them, rather than sending these items to the landfill. Freecycling is easy and a quick way to get rid of unwanted items. Unlike selling your old things at a garage sale or through classified ads, offering your goods up for free is usually quicker. And if you're in tune with your local freecycle network and community, you'll get good items for free as well.

Freecycling can be done by giving away items to your local second hand or thrift stores, but it is usually done within a larger local community, which posts items on a site, forum or newsletter group to let others know what is available. There are a number of online organizations out there that you can join to start giving away and getting good used items for free.
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